Anubias, Plants Hanging On and Severums

Subject: re: Anubias problems

> In my experience, only Anubias barteri nana really does well per
> submerged. As doubtless you already know, these are really amphi
> plants, one only needs to see how tought the stems and leaves ar
> appreciate this.

> A.congensis is one of the least adaptable. Even A.barteri barter
> only to do well for a few months. 

I grow A. b. var. nana, A. b. var. barteri, A.b. var. 
angustifolia, A. b. var. caladiifolia, A. 'Coffeefolia, A. 
gracilis, A. afzelli and A. heterophylla (syn. A. congensis) 
permanently submerged in my tanks.  I have had all specimens 
except for A. gracilis for 5+ years.  Not only do they grow well, 
but all the A. barteri varieties bloom regularly, and the A. 
heterophylla has bloomed twice in that period.  The only one that 
I find "touchy" is the A. gracilis.

> There also seem to be a lot of
> non-barteri species sold under that name.

No, actually, most of the plants available in the trade _are_ 
varieties of A. barteri.  This is an _extremely_ variable plant, 
and all varieties do very well as aquarium plants.  It's sort of 
the C. wendtii of the Anubias world.

> To get round rotting rhizomes, you could cut that portion away. 
> systemic infection, you won't have cured it, but then you won't 
> either.

This is good advice for any plant with a rotting rhizome.  Cut 
back until you get to clean health tissue then replant.

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 Subject: Plants just hanging on in 10g

> I have a 10 gallon in my office, where the plants are just hangi
> specs:  ph 6.8, total hardness ~120ppm, total alkalinity ~20 ppm
> 1 15watt aqua-glo (minimal, I know but all that will fit in the 
> 5ml of Kent's freshwater plant supplement twice a week; fish loa
> tetras, 1 neon, 2 albino cory's, 1 oto.  I would call this a spa
> somewhat moderately planted tank, depending on your definition :
> hygrophila difformis (sp?), hygrophila angustifolia, and micro s
> the plants are just kind-of holding their own, and maybe even sl
> diminishing.  I am filtering with an aqua-clear jr., no carbon, 
> admittedly sparse partial water changes.  Any idea why the plant
> doing so poorly?

I think you've answered your own question.

- Poor light
- No supplemental CO2
- No regular water changes
and probably
- nutrient poor (plain gravel) substrate


Subject: Anubias

> In the future I would like to move the two anubias plants I have
> well developed roots. What is the best way to do this? Will movi
> upset them much? Should I trim the roots when I move them.

Except for A. gracilis, I have never had any problem moving 
Anubias.  They're pretty tough.  Yes, I do trim the roots when I 
move one.  It make it easier to plant again, and I believe it gets 
the plants to start developing new roots in its new home faster.

Subject: severums and plants

> Now I am considering growing plants in my severum tank.
> Does anybody know if they will eat plants?

Yes, they will LOVE your plant >;-)

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA