Palnts Hanging On, Otos and Anubias Division

Subject: Plants just hanging on in 10g

> One last things that you might do is lower your water level as m
> way.  Your fish load might be too much for this, but your plants
> probably grow much faster with the tripled light intensity and r
> to CO2 that they will get when growing emersed.

The plants may get more CO2 being allowed to grow emersed, but the 
parts of the plants in the water will receive _less_ light than in 
a tank filled as much as possible.  The further away from the 
water surface the light is hung, the more light you lose.


Subject: Feeding Otocinclus

> Anyways, the problem is this.  The Otos did such a great job
> of cleaning up the algae that there is now next to nothing for t
> to eat.  The tanks which they are in are solely theirs, no other
> I definitely don't want the little guys to starve, but I also do
> want to start giving them zucchini wafers and the 'sinkable savo
> as others have said this will only spoil them and they will no
> longer consume the algae I want to get rid of.

You have two choices.  Move some of the Otos to another tank with 
more algae, or feed them.  You won't "spoil" them by making sure 
they don't starve!  If algae begins to build up again, you know 
you are feeding more than they need, and you can cut back.  
Nothing kills these little fish faster than not having enough to 


Subject: Dividing Anubias nana

> My Anubias nana has grown into the wall of my tank and is now sq
> against it. What's the best way to divide it? I seem to remember
> (Karen?) saying I need to make the rhizome cut clean and sharp .

Yup.  That's all there is to it!<g>

> While I'm on the subject, this same A. nana has been growing ste
> flowering continuously since the beginning of this year, but it 
> out smaller, paler leaves. It started in my tank as a rather lar
> green plant with leaves over 2 inches long and two flower spikes
> suggestions for nutrients or other care to get bigger, darker gr

A. barteri var. nana is not a particularly demanding plant.  If 
the leaves are getting smaller, I would make sure that I am 
supplementing adequately with trace elements, and that the plant 
is receiving sufficient light. (they don't need that much) Some 
laterite or soil at the roots is also a big help.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA