Re: Dividing Anubias nana

Greg Tong asked...
>My Anubias nana has grown into the wall of my tank and is now squishing up
>against it. What's the best way to divide it? I seem to remember someone
>(Karen?) saying I need to make the rhizome cut clean and sharp ...

Razor blade does a nice job.

>While I'm on the subject, this same A. nana has been growing steadily and
>flowering continuously since the beginning of this year, but it is putting
>out smaller, paler leaves. It started in my tank as a rather large, deep
>green plant with leaves over 2 inches long and two flower spikes. Any
>suggestions for nutrients or other care to get bigger, darker green leaves?

Mine tend to flower when a nutrient reduction or deficiency occurs.
You may be low on nitrogen/ammonia. Inadequate CO2 will also cause
new leaves to grow smaller. When I grow A. nana v. nana emersed, the
leaves are always large.

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