re: Anubias rhizone rotting

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Subject: Anubia rhizome rotting
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Subject: Anubias Rhizome Rotting!>>>>>

The same problem is occurring to me now. I had a small A. barteri var. nana
for a couple of years. I am currently keeping it in low-tech tank (no CO2,
room temperature): shortly after a new leaf sprouted, I tried to lightly
score the rhizome to stimulate new leaf growth, as recommended on a
publication that I recently read. Now (approximately two months later), I
found that the rhizome is rotting in correspondence of the section I scored.
What called my attention was a deterioration of the leaves (yellowing and
rotting) that started about a month ago. All the other plants are fine.  I
guess that in some cases rhizome injuries may cause rot problems.