Re: Hamilton Technology CO2 system

Don Griffes asks about the Hamilton Technology CO2 system:
> "CO2 Injection System ... Includes; regulator,
> flow meter, solenoid valve, delivery tubes, manual"
> all for $125.95

This sounds about right for the regulator/solenoid kit that you
can purchase for green house applications. Unless you are planning
to purchase a pH controller, you don't need the solenoid.
The flow meter, delivery tubes and manual won't be much use to you.

You will need to purchase separately the CO2 cylinder (with gas),
various fittings and micrometer type needle valves.

Check around with a few welding supply places for used regulators
which can be easily converted to CO2. Finding the adapters to
connect the regulator to the needle valve and from the needle
valve to a 1/8" ID hose will be a little more challenging. The
FAQ has info about where to find the needle valves.

I'd save your money and not bother with the Hamilton kit if I
were you. I found a used regulator for $40 Cdn. The other parts
were a little more. ;-)