No algae, no good!

Hi everyone,

	I had been battling algae in my tanks for a while now with
no avail.  I asked about Otocinclus and their algae consuming
capacities and was pleased with how highly recommended they were.  
One of the local stores had some so I bought out the last of them
and added them into the tanks.  Only one died and the others
look to be quite happy.

	Anyways, the problem is this.  The Otos did such a great job
of cleaning up the algae that there is now next to nothing for them
to eat.  The tanks which they are in are solely theirs, no other fish.
I definitely don't want the little guys to starve, but I also don't
want to start giving them zucchini wafers and the 'sinkable savories'
as others have said this will only spoil them and they will no
longer consume the algae I want to get rid of.  Help!  What should
I do?  Anybody else ever have this dilemma?  TIA


Chris Teichreb
Department of Biology
University of Regina
Regina, Saskatchewan, CANADA

teichrch at Meena_CC.URegina.CA