Re: Ammonia....2pmm....could this be?


> >> fish don't seem too bothered by the high ammonia level. Will it eventually
> >> diminish? I have a Tetra WDF 4000 running as a biological filter,without it
> or
> >> the water lilly I guess there is no telling what the ammonia level might be!
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On Aug 12, 1996 Thomas Price wrote...........

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> >Are you sure the test kit is working correctly? I find it hard to believe
> >(REALLY hard to believe) that your fish are oblivious to 2ppm ammonia.
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Gerry from Ann Arbor replied........... 

> 	Tom-I know, that is what is so puzzling about this. This tank is
> actually belongs to my 11 year old daughter and when she tried to add neon
> tetras they died in a matter of hours. Is it possible the Hilena is giving a
> false reading? Maybe Gouramiis and cats are not as bothered by ammonia?
Ammonia level of 2ppm will surely do all your fish in! And I am pretty certain
Gerry's test kit is working just fine. How could that be? You see, what your 
test kit manufacturer doesn't say on the instruction sheet is that their test 
kit will measure ammonia and ammonium indiscriminantly. As we all know 
ammonium is a relatively harmless compound. If any of the interesting parites
wants to find out more on this subject I have posted a couple of articles on 
the APD. The first one I have posted on May 21 and second one on May 23
and I even included the chart that shows amounts with varying pH and temp.

If you can't get those back posts Email me and I'll send them to you.

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