Re: Java Fern "black spot" and translucent

>From: Jeff & Denise Dietsch <dietsch at voicenet_com>
>Date: Wed, 14 Aug 1996 22:57:34 -0400
>Subject: Java fern black spot
>Hi all,
>       At the risk of seeming pushy I am reposting my question from a 
>nights ago.  I am concerned for my Java fern and hope someone could 

Let me give you this "old-timers" remedy to your problem -- get an 
ordinary clam shell (or some oyster shell) and put in in your aquarium 
or in the filter.  Watch the change in one month!  You can always 
remove it if it doesn't work, but I bet you will leave it in your 
aquarium forever!  Better than adding chemicals and upsetting 
everything in your aquarium.  The other plants will love it also.

Good luck!