Re: Java fern black spot

Jeff Dietsch said:

> My Java Fern has black spots/blotches and partially
>translucent leaves.  A little background, I added the fern, tied to a lava
>rock, and in two weeks it was rooted and I removed the rubber band.  Within
>another two weeks the fern had grown and started sprouting babies from the
>older leaves.  And The rhizome had also continued to produce new leaves and
>sent out new sections(split?) and some of the leaves became tribolate.  A
>couple weeks after the advantageous babies appeared the older leaves started
>getting black spots and then some started turning translucent.  Even parts
>of the new leaves and babies have translucent portions.  But on the other
>hand, some of the older leaves look great.

I just got a ratty looking Java fern from a local shop with lots of black
spotted and hole ridden leaves. After putting it in the tank, the ratty
leaves have been sprouting plantlets and the rhizome has bees sending out
fresh leaves. Snails chew on the old leaves (my clown loach died). Overall
mine seems to be recovering. I do have more light than you, 80 watts of T12
flourescent on a 29 gallon, and I inject CO2.