re: Pistia


Kew Gardens, the major British botanical collection, has a relatively new
glasshouse (named after the Princess of Wales) which has a huge tropical
lake surrounded by plants of all sorts, as well as shoals of splendid
fishes. Well worth a look for any aquarists visiting London!

Anyhow, the pool has natural lighting, and the Pistia is almost a plague.
It grows on the water and also over onto damp soil. The plants get very
large, perhaps as much as 20 cm in diameter, with many runners and daughter

I have found that Pistia doesn't do well in aquaria for two reasons:
dripping condensation from the hood causes the leaves to decay; and the
leaves burn if they touch the lights.

Generally the plants look much smaller, and are flatter (less cabbage
like). I suppose they would do better in an open aquarium lit by suspended
halide lamps or something that wouldn't interfere with growth.




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