About Red Sea Test Kits

On August 13, John Lobingier asked about Red Sea's Phosphate and Iron test kits:

I have used Red Sea's phosphate and iron test kits. The phosphate kit is
very easy and accurate, and matches the readings I get from Dupla's. The
colors can be a little hard to read in the .15-.30 range, but it is
acceptable, and since the Red Sea kits are becoming easy to find in stores
throughout the world, I give it the thumbs up. The packing is innovative
and great--the box unfolds as necessary to become a handy little test tube
stand, so tests are fast and neat.

I have had trouble getting ANY reading with Red Sea's iron test kits,
including their most recent revised issue, that comes as part of a "Plant
Care Kit"--which includes a great and accurate CO2 test (again, always
matches my Dupla CO2 test). I keep my Fe levels around .10, and a lot of
tests have trouble with this low of reading, short of Dupla, LaMotte and
SeaChem. For iron testing, I would recommend staying away from Red Sea;
though I have talked to other aquarists that have have had no problems with
this same test, so...?

I have had good luck with Sera's Fe test, but the reagent stinks to high
heaven, and will stain your hands reddish-purple.


Todd March
tmarch at primenet_com
Los Angeles, CA