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Date: Mon, 12 Aug 1996 16:36:48 -0400
To: Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com
From: Eric S Deese <eric at checkfree_com>
Subject: For trade: 2 large melon swords (USA)

I have 2 large melon swords I am interested in trading, rather than
throwing away. They are taking up too much space in one of my 40G tanks.
They are 1+ yrs old, 15+ inches tall and 10+ inches in diameter.
Both have lots of leaves (I haven't counted them, but you can't see
anything swimming behind them - and nothing can swim through them).
I can also possibly throw in some unidentified crypts and some young
java ferns (thanks, George), and even some MTS (malaysian trumpet snails -
thanks Charley, BTW how are your swords doing?).

Warning: You may get a few stowaway pond/ramshorn/trumpet snails. I'm
not terribly picky about them as my angelfish or clown loaches keep them
all in check. Actually, I'm trying to make more room for the spreading
carpet of crypts. In trade, I'm looking for something small and hardy
(though maybe another tall anubias would be a nice addition). I'm not
interested in replacing the missing biomass, so even if you only have
a little something to trade, I'd probably be interested (maybe just a few
small, unusual crypts :-) ).

Eric Deese
in always overcast, too humid, not warm enough Columbus, Ohio, USA