Tetra Hilena InitialD

	I have a 20-gallon that I used Tetra Hilena Initial D in when I set it
up about 4 months ago. I'm using peat plates and plant plugs with sand on top.
This tank has a really high ammonia level in it.(2ppm). I am using this same
substrate setup in other tanks without any problem. My plants are doing great,
I planted a dwarf water lilly as they are supposed to be heavy feeders, along
with a spatterdock,crypts and vals and an Annubias Nana. At one time the
ammonia level dropped,that was when I added some Gouramiis and cats. Does
anyone have experience with Hilena? Is the ammonia coming from it? Could the
Spatterdock rhizome be rotting? (the plant is growing and seems healthy). The
fish don't seem too bothered by the high ammonia level. Will it eventually
diminish? I have a Tetra WDF 4000 running as a biological filter,without it or
the water lilly I guess there is no telling what the ammonia level might be!