About C. willisii...

Roni Talukdar asked about C. willisii on August 11:

I have C. willisii, along with  C. wendtii, C. cordata, and C. balansae, in
my high light, Dupla fertilized, CO2 injected tank, and have found it to be
the most hardy of these Crypts (with wendtii running a close second), and I
have had to thin it out twice in four months. When red algae (primarily
beard) became a growing problem, I found C. willisii to be particularily
plagued, but even after cutting off many algae infected leaves, it shot
forth with that much more; SAE's and Phosguard have banished my red algae,
and the diminitive willisii bush seems happier and fuller than ever.

An interesting note about my specimen of willisii, is that while I have
lost occasional leaves from all of my Crypts in the typical Cryptocoryne
disenigration fashion, the willisii plant has never done this. It seems
much "rubbier" than the other Crypts.


Todd March
tmarch at primenet_com
Los Angeles, CA