Re: Apons

  So the question I have is why 
>not leave then in the substrate???  How is this going to differ to what 
>happens to them when they are in the soil in a stream in Sri Lanka, or 
>Madagascar??? Ok...that is all for my rant :)

I don't know why you can't but I'm pretty lazy so I've always just left them
in the substrate.  Though I only have experience with Ulvaceous and Crispus
(the easy ones), they always come back within a month and I've had Ulvaceous
flower and drop seeds, several of which were fertile and growing (until
something ate them)

Now I have some questions.  Has anyone kept C. Willisi or C. petchii?  Are
their normal requirements the same as other crypts?  They will be in a
relatively rich substrate (laterite and earthworm castings) w/ moderate
light.  The tank will be CO2 injected with either Flourish or PMDD as liquid