Growing Aponogetons from seeds

I just had another Apon. crispus? flower and set seeds.  This time I
removed the stalk from the plant and kept it in a glass of water as
soon as the ovaries started swelling.  When the seeds were released,
they dropped to the bottom of the glass and started to sprout.   I
rinsed them free of all the junk, placed them in the bottom of a
glass, filled the glass with tank water, lowered it to the bottom of
the tank, and quickly inverted it (bottoms up).  I pushed the open
mouth of the glass into the gravel a bit.  The seeds fell down to the
gravel.   Two weeks later they are growing well!   Looks like this
system works and prevents seedling damage by snails and fish.    

Dave Gomberg, Experimenta      San Francisco CA USA   gomberg at wcf_com