Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #108

jphealy at sysconn_com writes:
>I know this is not the forum for this, but I want to protect this newsgroup. 
>>>>"Subject: FW: Extremely Destructive Virus (fwd)
>>>>   There is a computer virus that is being sent across the Internet. If
>>>>you receive an email message with the subject line "Good  Times", DO


AAARGH!  You're right, this is _not_ the forum.  Especially since there is no
such virus.  The so-called "Good Times" email virus is a _hoax_, albeit a
persistent one.  Basically, you, and whoever sent this notice to you, have
been had by a rather successful chain letter.  It has been circulating for a
couple of years, and rears it's head periodically.  The most inexplicable
thing about it is that so many people who should know better are duped into
perpetuating it.

The Good Times Virus Hoax Mini FAQ is a good starting point for additional 
information about this thing.  You can get the Mini FAQ from:

	<URL: http://www.usit.net/public/lesjones/gtminifaq.html>

OK, for the benefit of all APD members I'll say it one more time: The Good
Times email virus is a HOAX!

However, 4 out of 5 doctors believe that there may be a real virus which
infects peoples brains, causing them to believe this thing and compelling them
to immediately forward it to as many others as possible.  The CDC is
investigating...  ;-)