high temp plants

I must disagree with Bill Brady's comments on high temperature plants.
>Many plants do well at up to 82 degrees some 86 degrees, 85 is high and 90 
is very high. <snip> aponogenton = 86  swords = 82

Many Amazon fish and plants like and need higher temperatures.  Cardinal 
tetras, discus, and Amazon swords come from locations with temps in the high 
80s or low 90s (degrees F).  My 125g discus tank is planted with a 
combination of swords (dwarf to huge varieties), aponogentons, crypts, and 
anubius.  The aponogentons threw out multiple flower stalks after a week of 
90F temps.  The normal tank temp is 86-88F and is never below 85F.  SAEs, 
otos, and bristlenose catfish are also in the tank.

Rochelle Williams
williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil
Already missing the Olympics and hoping the camaraderie and spirit of world 
community continues even after the games are over.