Hood Retrofit

I recently purchased a VHO fluorescent lighting kit from Champion Lighting and
Supply Co. in
Pennsylvania and have a question about retrofitting my existing Perfecto
Double Brite Strip
Reflector.  The Champion kit consists of the IceCap 430 ballast with heat
sink, Two 24" T-12
Aquasun tubes (75 watts each), a wiring harness, and 4 waterproof endcaps. 
For aesthetic
reasons, and also because I don't want to buy another hood if I can avoid it,
I would like to wire
the Ice Cap 430 through my double strip reflector.  The Aquasuns seem to fit
comfortably in the
existing strip reflector's sockets which would negate the need for the
waterproof endcaps since I
intend to keep the hood's built-in glass strip between them and the water's
surface.  If anyone
has any experience with rewiring aquarium fixtures I would appreciate hearing
from you.
Incidentally, the Aquasuns will be used on a 29 gallon community tank which
is currently
somewhat feebly planted.

Regards from Jonathan Kirschner in humid Rockville, Maryland
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