Re: Lighting Suggestions For 125 Gallon Tank

Tom Roberts asked....
>I am in the process of setting up 125 gallon plant tank.  It is 72 inches
>long, 18 inches wide, & 20 inches tall.  I was thinking of using 8 standard
>T8 bulbs staggared which would give me a little over 2 Watts per gallon.
>Would it be more cost effective in the long run to use a 250W metal halide
>setup?  Would one MH bulb provide enough light to cover the entire length of
>the tank.  What kind of lighting configuration do most people use with this
>size tank?  I am open to any and all suggestions.  

For this configuration I feel that the MHs are the best choice. I have three
250 watt lamps over a 72" x 24" x 24". One could make do with just two. You
have a slimmer aquarium so maybe you should try twelve fluorescent lamps
(6 x 48" and 6 x 24"). There's really no satisfactory solution. The best
answer is not to buy a 72" tank.

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