Assorted problems

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Date: Fri, 2 Aug 1996 11:56:26 -0700 (MST)
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From: saram at azstarnet_com (Sara Ann McHugh)
Subject: query

My question is basically "what should I do?"
A long time ago, I had a densely planted tank, 10 gallon, no ugf.  Then I
transplanted everything into a 20gallon, large stones, with a ugf. the whole
tank became a cesspool and i replaced the large stones with smaller ones.
my huge (10 inch or more) aponegetons dropped leaves down to the bulb, and
to this day i am trying grow them back.  the temp is usually about 78- i
live in a desert, and have to keep a fan on the tank. also, my water is
extremely hard.  I really am considering removing the ugf, as everything
collects underneath and the powerhead cant suck it out.  they are not really
getting the light they need, both lights are rated at 20 watts, but the
larger one says the ballast gives up to 75. the water is so hard that after
one days evaporation, the cover glass is covered in scale!

Here's another question- can plants live in 85-90 water?  the ten gallon
tank is extremely warm, the pump and light generate alot of heat. its all
built in though, so im not going to take it out. so with the heater off, and
ambient temperature being 78, the water is about 85-90. 

the plants i am talking about at the moment are anachris, java moss,
aponegetons, japanese rush, alternathera, and a few swords. please help if
you can!

also- i have ramshorn snails for sale. albino, tan, brown, and striped, as
well as a few spotted.

please email me if you can!
sara ann
saram at azstarnet_com