Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #114

>OK- heres a question for all you water chemists.  From what I have
>learned from this list the iron content for plants to grow and be healthy
>in aquariums is about .15 mg/l.  I already have tap water(well water)
>with a iron content of .07 mg/l.  Am I right in thinking that this iron
>is not chelated iron and is of no help to my plants.  If so then, should
>I adjust the iron content in my aquatic water to read .07 plus .15,
>making a total of .22 mg/l?
>Also since I have never heard of a way to check for the Potassium Sulfate
>content in my aquatic water,  how do I know how much to use in my PMDD
>Thanks for all your help and replys!
>Paul Rothel
Paul, many aquarists adjust the iron in the tank. Wether you adjust the
substrate or the water depends on the type of plants you have.

For true aquatic plants (in general, plants with stems) I have found that
adjusting the iron suspended in the water is necessary. I have found it
difficult to maintain iron in the tank water, so I settle for *any*
reaction from an iron test kit.

For bog plants (like swords) I have found that adding an iron rich material
in the substrate is necesary. (I use Duplarit K laterite balls).
Interestingly, I have found it easier to maintain suspended iron when I use
the laterite.

You are right is thinking chelated iron is more useful to the plants.

-Bill Brady