Lumens vs. CRI?

I'm trying to decide between two T8 fluorescent lamps for a double
fixture over two dwarf cichlid tanks (20L) which will also contain
dwarf species of swords...

Initial Lumens:  1300
Mean Lumens:  1160*
CRI:  80

Initial Lumens:  910
Design Lumens:  850
CRI:  98* 

All specifications and other factors are basically the same except
the lumens and CRI.  I like the lumens of Lamp 1, but the CRI of Lamp
2.   Comments?  Which would be a better choice?  I feel the light in
either case is adequate for the tanks.  Since the fish are Rams, I
like the higher CRI to enhance their colors.  Would it make sense to
use one of each in the double fixture?

E. Keith Johnson
East Tennessee State University