Why giant Vallis?


Giant vallis has a few advantages, in my experience, over the other species

For one, it is much more robust and long lived, making it better suited to
tanks with boisterous fish, like cichlids, or those like plecs that take
the odd chomp out of softer plants. It has a more massive root system and
seems to put up with burrowing fish somewhat better, and daughter plants
root much more readily (and are less likely to be dug up).

It also tolerates hard and even brackish water quite well, and also seems
to do well with less light (presumably the base of the plants naturally
live in poorly lit water?). High temperatures do not seem to cause any
problems, and some of the smaller Vallineria are really sub-tropical
plants. All in all, it is one of the easiest plants to get to *thrive* in a
regular community tank.




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