Re: Undergravel lattice for heavily planted tank?

From: Byron Seward <Byron_Seward at ccm_jf.intel.com>

>I have a 55-g moderately-planted discus tank with a few easy-to-grow 
>plants like Vals, Anubia nana, Crinum (onion), apon crispus, Java 
>Fern, and a few others.  The filtration is RFUG w/ 2 Otto PH400's w/ 
>prefilters.  I've had fair success with the 'lushness' of the plants 
>in this tank, but I would like to try another planted tank without the 
>monstrous RFUGF that's in this tank.

I have similar lattices in two of my tanks right now.  I used 1/2" PVC instead of 1", and I don't have a powerhead involved.  My setup has a tube coming up in one corner of the tank to above the waterline.  I can drop liquid nutrients into the "nutrient injection system" and/or run a steady trickle of water into it for slow circulation.  Currently, I'm only using the nutrient approach.

My designs are on the Krib (I know, the caltech site is currently offline).  

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