Hello,  My SO complains all the time that my 55 gal is TOO GREEN!!    
          Ever since I started useing good lighting,fertilizer,and 
DIY co2 my SO says my tank is all green.  Not wth algae mind you but 
overgrown & green with healthy robust plants.  I got the riot act 
last night that she is tired of seeing those two 2-liter bottles 
sitting on top of my tank full of that brown crapp!!(sorry)  You 
can't see the fish  blah, blah blah....  If you want to just raise 
plants  put one in the bedroom clean out this one and put in some 
pretty colorful fish.  Get some of those discus.  Well honey they are 
pretty expensive and delicate.  So what if they die get some more.... 
This all goes  in one ear and out the other.  Anyway thanks to all 
that have helped me have a succesful plant tank and I guess for 
giving my SO one more thing to gripe about....  I do love her but 
sometimes........ (glad she doesn't read my e-mail!!)  Till later 
Thanks Again  Mike Bernardoni