George Booth should write for Seinfeld.

> From: tmarch at primenet_com (Todd March)
> Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 18:24:45 -0700
> I would like to heartily thank George Booth for his post yesterday
> concerning replicas in laterite and Christmas tree bulbs....
> It is the best laugh I have had in quite some time. Kudos George...

Well, actually "tree bulbs" was a serious idea.  Some years ago, the
plant guru for the Colorado Aquarium Society, Paul Martin, set up a
demonstration tank for the Denver Botanical Gardens.  The stand he
made for the 75 gallon tank had a solid 3/4" plywood subbase to
support the tank.  He drilled 3/4" holes in a regular pattern in the
plywood and set xmas tree bulbs into them in an attempt to provide
Poor Man's Heating Coils (PMHC).  He reasoned that the spot heat from
each bulb would create convection currents much like the linear heat
from coils or substrate plumbing.  Personnally, I don't think the
bulbs provide enough localized heat for this.  However, they may work
well as an inexpensive means to warm the substrate.