Re: R. Wallichi, German rams and shrimp

In a message dated 96-06-27 03:49:56 EDT, Todd March wrote:

< On the other hand, my R. Wallichi does
< well, but is very slow growing--have you had this experience as well?
At first it was slow growing, however now it's starting to take off, not
nearly as fast as Myrophylia though.

< You mentioned keeping German rams and shrimp...? Have you had any problems
< with this combo; I want to add some of those sassy colored rams, but my
< favorite dealers tell me with my shrimp (even the jumbop Chinese Algae
< eating variety) that the ram will pick at them and most likely have them
< for lunch and dinner...? 

Just looked into the tank and one shrimp gave up the ghost last night, but
the other is continuing to scrounge around. I don't think these shrimp live
very long, they're sold as food. I haven't observed the ram paying any
attention to the shrimp, he seems more interested in eating the Riccia, but
he's still a little skittish. The second ram didn't survive. He was pretty
stressed from moving to his new environment.
BTW anyone looking for Potassium Nitrate for PMDD, I found it sold as "stump
remover" in a plant nursery. Lucky I found a knowledgeable sales person.

Neil Schneider