Re: New CO2 dosing system

>From: Cliff Andrews <CLAndrews at gnn_com>
>Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 07:07:34
>Subject: New CO2 dosing system
>	Does anyone have any feedback on that CO2 dosing system made by AQUA 
>MEDIC, it's called CEOMAT and uses a chemical compound to provide CO2.
>The first I've seen of it is in the July issue of FAMA. Looks like it is 
>smaller than a 2 L-bottle. What I like about it is it's made out of hard 
>plastic and could with stand alittle pressor.
>     Look for info........... Cliff
It's probably a bit late to discuss this subject now but has anyone tried to
make a DIY version of this?  An airtight jar filled with cheap bicarbonate
of soda with HCI dripping on it.  Well, I thought with all the yeast
fermentation and fire extinguisher experimenting going around, it might just
be crazy enough to work.

I have tried to do something like that in the past but it wasn't very
successful.  I would love to try again but recently I persuaded my mum to
buy me a manual pressurised system on grounds that I'd stop experimenting
with DIY stuff and spilling sticky yeast, water and suger mixtures on the floor.