Re: Copper/

Olga  said...
>Anyone have at their fingertips what a dangerous level of copper is? If my
>tank measures copper at .15 ppm is this too high or about right?

Between 0.25 and 0.5 ppm is the maximum reccommended for treating
the various diseases of fish. Some fish are more sensitive. Ottawa
water has 0.011 ppm in it when it leaves the treatment plant. I think
that you've got too much. Didn't Steve mention that the water was
very soft and acidic out there?

>Also, I know that snails build their shells from calcium. I know someone
>who drops dolomite tablets into his tanks. He says this keeps his KH up
>nicely and that the snails eat it for their shells. Will dolomite do the
>same thing as Calcium Carbonate? I think of it as lime, such as dolomite
>lime that one adds to the lawn. I usually grind CC up and add it to my tank
>that way. Maybe I should drop a tablet in for my snails?! Anyone else out
>there use lime in their tank?

I use some calcite gravel in two tanks and I have added dolomite
powder to a tank that appeared calcium deficient. It should do some
good, albeit slowly.

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