Rams and shrimp...?


Kudos on your new mini Amano-style tank! It sounds adorable. Hang in there
with the R. Macranda; it is delicate and takes a week or so to acclimate in
my experience, then grows great! On the other hand, my R. Wallichi does
well, but is very slow growing--have you had this experience as well?

You mentioned keeping German rams and shrimp...? Have you had any problems
with this combo; I want to add some of those sassy colored rams, but my
favorite dealers tell me with my shrimp (even the jumbop Chinese Algae
eating variety) that the ram will pick at them and most likely have them
for lunch and dinner...?

Anyone else with any experience with this combo of animals, please feel
free to pipe up!


Todd March

In cold and rainy L.A.... (very rare here for June!)