Re: Oto-like fish

> get that picture to me? This afternoon I decided that it was definately 
> not any sort of otocinclus because it has a fin that none of the oto's 
> have. (It is the small one behind the dorsal fin, sorry, I don't know 
> what it is called.)

Alok, if your fish really looks very much like an oto, is small and has an
adipose (yes, this is what it is called) fin, it might be a Parotocinclus
sp.  Parotos are very closely related to real otos, and their needs and
behaviour are (probably) nearly identical, too.  They just have that
little fin behind the dorsal, just like most catfishes.  Otos don't.
Too bad I can't see the pictures at your homepage.  Ancient, slow
modem and a 286 clone at home.  Sigh.

> 	Bulldog pleco... What else does it say about their behavior? Are
> they rough on plants? Thanks again.

I think that Dionogi said "pitbull", not bulldog, and THAT sounds
much more ferocious.  Real British bulldogs are actually rather docile
fellows :-)  Anyway, "bulldog pleco" means normally Chaetostoma sp.
Smallish algae eaters, need probably colder water, more oxygen and more
current than some common pleco types.  I don't know about pitbull pleco,
and I don't have that Aqualog book.  By the way, a Finnish catfish expert
said that the book is full of misidentified species and other mistakes.

Liisa Sarakontu
from rainy and chilly Finland