Hi all,

Since "laterite" sourcing is being revisited again,
I thought I'd post this (again).

Laterite can be purchased through ceramic wholesalers, 
and if your lucky, through "art supply stores". The
chemical make-up my vary depending on the source of
the laterite. Request a detailed chemical analysis
before you buy (if you're so inclined).

I found a local source :-)  (actually, someone on the
net pointed me in the right direction). The laterite
was a special order, so if you call some place and
the person says "what's laterite?", ask to speak to
the person who is responsible for special orders.

That said, I received a 50 pound bag of laterite
(27% iron) for about $8 (US). That's $0.16/lb!!!
I have about 45 lbs in my garage (laterite for life).

I purchased mine from:
      Marjon Ceramics
      (602) 272-6585
      Phoenix, AZ (USA)

I have NO idea if they will ship; nor if they will
repackage and ship smaller orders.

Suggestion: in order to minimize clouding, I mixed sand and
laterite in a 5 gallon bucket using enough water to keep the
mess wet. Then I add the mixture to the tank. Works great for

[Insert standard disclaimers.]

Bill Edwards 
Survey Research Lab 
Arizona State University