FS: Wonder Water

Dear Gardeners,

I have decided that this Wonder Water I have is just too good not 
to share with fellow growers. The problem is that water weighs so 
much that shipping would be prohibitive. Therefore, after weeks of 
R&D I have found a way to dehydrate this Wonder Water and can now 
provide it to you in powdered form.

I have contacted Bill Gates who is anxious to control every aspect 
of life on this planet to see whether he'd package dehydrated 
Wonder Water with Windows96. I'm under a non-disclosure agreement 
at this time, but can tell you that a distribution solution is 
close at hand. After installing Windows96 the user simply fills a 
ten gallon container with local water, drops in one of the 
diskettes and presto - 24 hours later you have a batch of Wonder 
Water. A CD will be good for treating 5000 gallons. (But you'll 
need to find the Fe supplement elsewhere)

Cheers, Rene