Re: Swords and Hard Water

For a long time I had 2 radican swords (unsure of species), and they outgrew my
55gal tank.  I had to adjust the top and light for the emersed growth.  And now
my uruguayensis swords are starting to really grow.  My water is very hard (off
the scale of the test kits I have used), pH at 7.6, and the substrate is simply
fine gravel covered by a layer of coarse gravel.  The only additives the tank
gets are the Tetra FloraPride, and tetra fertilizer tabs.  I have had one
failure with a sword plant, and that was a marbled sword, very pretty, yellow
and green, but that was one I had rescued from a crashed plant tank at work, so
I dunno if it was the water or just too far gone.

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