Unidentified Oto-like fish

<<<<<<From: "Olive K. Charlsey" <achaudh at emory_edu>

	Come see the new pictures of my tank that I have put up. The
URL is:


	Also, if you remember, I had bought a mystery "Brown Oto."
is a picture of him to. Help me make a +ID. Thanks.


Alok, I went to visit your Web site yesterday. It was fun! Nice job!
I think I have some news concerning the picture of the unidentified
"brown oto"
like fish that you scanned in. As I posted recently, I acquired also
unidentified loricariidae, and I hoped to learn more from the
Aqualog, the
german publication filled with pictures of unidentified fishes,
which I was waiting
to receive .
Your "oto" is by the way, from what I can see, very similar to the
fish I
described in my post a while ago as Type 1. 
On page 84 of the loricariidae volume of the Aqualog there are three
of a fish very similar to ours. Here is the information provided:

Picture No. S43425-3
Code LDA25 Hypostomus (?), Pitbull pleco
Brazil, Wild form, 6-8 cm
71-77 deg Farenheit, Ph 6.5-7.2, nocturnal
Egg layer, algae eater, community tank
picture published on Datz or Das Aquarium on 11/95

I was not surprised to see it temptatively classified as a
Hypostomus, since
several body features seemed different from the other Otocinclus
species I know
of. Mine were only 5 cm at most, but they could have been juveniles.

Unfortunately all mine succumbed to an outbreak of Ick that
developed a few
days after purchase (in a quarantine tank). Temperature and
treatment seemed effective at first (the lesions disappeared), but
eventually died. Before of doing so they cleaned the green algae
very well, and
if I see them around I will certainly get them again.