Karen wrote:

> Possibly.  I think another problem with Crypts is that people 
> assume since they tolerate low light levels well, that they _need_ 
> low light levels.  Many of the grow bigger and brighter when not 
> shaded by other plants. They probably also photosynthesize more 
> strongly in brighter light.

	If you look at the pictures of my tank on my web page, you really 
can't see where I have placed the crypts because they're being shaded by 
the swords. However, when I trim back the swords, they will get more light. 
The thing that find is that in low light, they grow less ruffled, 
brown-red leaves, and in the light, they grow more ruffled, 
brown-red-green leaves. Both are exquisite, but I like the brown-red ones 
	I do agree, though, that crypts CAN handle higher light, but they 
are a plant that needs the time to adjust to varying conditions -- this 
we all know. My point was that because all of the other plants pearling, 
it was hard to tell if the crypts were too (aside from the fact that I 
was not looking for it.)