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>From: Cynthia Powers <cyn at metronet_com>
>Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 23:22:53 -0500 (CDT)
>Subject: Wonder water?
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>Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 21:05:55 -0700
>From: rbil at island_net
>Subject: Wonder Water?
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>Hello Gardeners,
>Well I'm back to square one pondering why it is that when I do a 
>partial water change it is like I added some kind of miracle drug 
>to my tank. The photosynthesis just takes off in a spectacular 
>fashion within minutes of the change.
>Some of you have suggested that I'm simply seeing bubbles that were 
>carried in with the new water. But I know this is photosynthesis 
>taking place. It's highly unlikely that air in the new water would 
>stream out of particular areas of leaves (like areas with wounds).
>I thought from earlier tests that maybe the new water was 
>introducing more CO2 into the tank and this was causing it. But now 
>that I have a digital PH monitor, I know this is not the case. The 
>PH would drop when I add the new CO2 enriched water. What it does 
>is rise about .03 points for about 10 minutes and then within the 
>next 15 minutes the system moves back down to where it was just 
>before adding the new water. But the photosynthesis is really 
>something to see!
>So I'm going to throw this idea out to you people and see whether 
>this can make any sense at all and explain this phenomena. Is is 
>possible that there is something accumulating in my water that is 
>impeding photosynthesis? Too much of some trace element for 
>example? Adding new water dilutes this situation and photosynthesis 
>commences at the rate it should be - given the light and CO2 
>If I can't find some rational explanation for this, I'm going to 
>assume that the tap water here in Royston, BC on beautiful 
>Vancouver Island is some kind of fountain of youth. Maybe I should 
>start bottling it and selling it to you people? ;-) I'm telling 
>you, something strange is going on here.
>Cheers, Rene

  I have also noticed this is my planted tank. I did a 50% water change last
Sunday and within minutes had bubbles producing on some leaves. The bubbles
also were only produced on some parts of the leaves. I assumed it was
because I hadn't done a water change for 3 weeks (with exams and all). But I
have noticed it on other occasions.
 I will check it again when I do a water change next weekend.
 Also I live in Sydney, Australia where the water is very clean -or so I
think- compared to other countries.

Glad to know I'm not the only one with this "miracle".


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