Fwd: Re: Low cost laterite

From: "Dave Gomberg" <gomberg at wcf_com>
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 96 06:54:34 -0700

> That's the right question!  If you are in AU that is (as I fuzzily
> recall) the home of Dupla laterite, so I would look for their source.
>  George or anyone, can you shed more light on Dupla's source?

Due to restrictive import laws the Dupla laterite (Duplarit-G and -K)
sold in AU is actually from AU, according to some folks down-under.

Dupalrit sold in the US comes with this certificate:



   Certificate of Origin

   These two products Duplarit-G and Duplarit-K are 
   raised most carefully in Sri Lanka.  After attentive
   in inspection of suitability, after cleaning and 
   processing with vegetative substances they are packed
   under surveillance.

   Duplarit-G and Duplarit-K are in possesion of the 
   entire vegetative power for tropic water plants.  The
   full suitability for ground of a plant aquarium is 
   consequently guaranteed.

   Dupla Aquaristik
   Sri Lanka