Ph down and Pearling leaves

Subject: Ph down chemicals?

> For the last few weeks, my new tank has been very steady at the 
> levels:
> Before lights are on:   Ph: 7.0, KH: 6-7, CO2: 18-21 milligrams/
> After lights are on (for 4-6 hours) Ph 7.2-7.5, KH 6-7, CO2: 10-
> milligrams/litre
> >From what I have learned, read and seen, a little lower Ph and 
> more ideal. Like around a 6.8 Ph and a KH of 2-4; I am using DYI
> cannot inject anymore CO2 than what is being produced by the org
> and so was wondering about using a Ph/KH down acidic product (su
> Tetra) to slowly (over at least a week or two) lower these level
> tank water, and to lower my tap water for water changes as well 
> 7.5).... The main chemicals I believe are hydrochloric acid and 
> acid in these products...?

I have yet to see an instance where using pH adjusting chemicals 
did _anything_ positive for the tank.  As it is, your pH/KH are 
fine for a HUGE variety of plants.  If you really feel the need to 
lower your KH, do it properly with RO/DI or distilled water.  But 
remember that very soft water can be just as limiting as water 
that is a little harder.  You will _still_ find that some plants 
don't do well in your tank... It will just be a different group of 


Subject: Pearling leaves...?

> > On June 22, Rene said:
> > 
> > >The real pearling effect is only seen from wounds on the
> > >leaves and usually from just one leaf on a particular plant.

Todd March wrote:

> > I have been witnessing this as well--with crypts and anubias m
> > steady stream of micro fine bubbles from cuts and abrasions on
> > Any explanations?

Alok wrote:

> 	From crypts and anubias? Really? I didn't think they 
> photosynthesize fast enough. I know that all of my echinodorus a
> hygrophila  plants do, but I never heard of those genera doing t

Crypts and Anubias "pearl" regularly under good conditions.  
Crypts most often from points of leaf damage, Anubias most often 
from the flowers.


Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA