Laterite in Oz

> Just in case anyone else cares....
> >From: hong at net1_nw.com.au (Hong Geok Poh)
> >Subject: Re:  Low cost laterite
> >Is the laterite in the form of balls or just plain clay.  
> Just plain clay.
> >Are they pure, do they have twigs, leaves, pebbles and stuff like that in them.
> Not that I have seen.  I would doubt it.
> >How much would it cost to ship the laterite to Australia?
> That's the right question!  If you are in AU that is (as I fuzzily
> recall) the home of Dupla laterite, so I would look for their source.
>  George or anyone, can you shed more light on Dupla's source?
Please DO NOT send ANY Laterite to Australia, we have very hard 
quarantine laws regarding the importation of any soil based material and 
I know that we do not get 'Dupla' laterite that everybody else gets. 
Dupla laterite comes from Sri Lanka and that stuff is banned for 
importation into australia, ours is mined in northern quensland, though 
nobody that I know knows exactly where.

There are alternatives that people can use if they do not want to go to 
the expense of using the dupla product. We have had too many pests and 
diseases released into our country now and I  would hate to have another 
added because of a careless disregard for rules. One of our problems at 
the moment is a b type whitefly epidemic that was started by somebody 
illegally importing pointsettia's. 

I apologise for seeming rather up tight about this, but I do feel that 
our quarantine laws are there for a good reason.

Peter Hughes