On June 21, John asked:

>I can't think of a product for sale with potassium listed on the
>label.  If there is one please let me know what it is so I can buy it.

Fort those of use that don't have the time/energy for PMDD, I really
reccommend _Flourish_ by SeaChem; I have seen this product in use in
several spectacular tanks here in Southern California, and use it myself,
alternating it with Duplaplant products. It is very concentrated--100ml
treats 5,000 gallons (and costs about $6 retail). It claims to contain a
broad spectrum of essential trace elements, vitamins and amino acids.
Quoting SeaChem here, "It is rich in iron, manesium, calcium, potassium,
inositol, choline, B12, biotin, and other factors determined to be
beneficial to aquatic plants. It contains no phosphates or nitrates that
would promote algae proliferation."

I use 1.5 ml a week (4 drops per day) for my 29g tan, when using this product.

Todd March
tmarch@primenet com