Australian Laterite and Wonder Water

 Subject:  Australian laterite

Dave Gomberg wrote:

> >How much would it cost to ship the laterite to Australia?
> That's the right question!  If you are in AU that is (as I fuzzi
> recall) the home of Dupla laterite, so I would look for their so
>  George or anyone, can you shed more light on Dupla's source?

I believe that the Australian Government will not allow the 
importaion of laterite or other soils.  Dupla laterite for the 
rest of the market is from Sri Lanka.  The laterite that they sell 
in Australia _only_ is from Australia.  I believe that Australia 
gets special treatment because Horst Kipper (of TOA fame) now 
lives there. ;-)

 Subject: Back to Wonder Water

> <Excuse me if someone else has already suggested this - I lost p
> thread>
> It just occurred to me that the "magic" ingredient to your "Wond
> might just be - carbon dioxide!  Some of the water sources in my
> out of the tap saturated (maybe even supersaturated) with CO2, w
> that rapidly rises upon standing.  The string-of-pearl bubbling 
> that the plants are currently producing more CO2 than the water 
> thus, you'll see more bubbling immediately after a water change,
> water is already saturated.

The pearling you see during photosynthesis is _O2_ (not CO2)  The 
water must be at or above saturation for _oxygen_ before you will 
see pearling. They also give off CO2, but in much smaller amounts. 
Saturation for CO2, BTW, is high enough that everything in your 
tank would be dead.  A useful method of euthanasia is to place a 
sick fish in a bowl of seltzer water.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA