Re: Swords/CO2 leak

Karen Randall said...
>I would be interested in hearing how many people in harder water 
>areas are able to grow Swords well without using soil.  

I have had no problem growing swords in a very sterile gravel
substrate, no extra nutrients, low light. Of course the water
is soft.

Marty Durkin said...
>I want to thank all of you who responded to my DIY C02 problem that
>I was having (i.e. bubbles in a test bucket, none in the tank)
>The problem did indeed turn out to be a leak between the bottle
>cap and the airline tubing.  I re-caulked again and seem to have
>been able to stop the leak.
>I am not convinced that the caulk is a good idea for the longterm.
>I have seen several diagrams which recommended using a either
>a rubber stopper as seen in a chemistry lab for chemical bottles
>or a drip irrigation tap.  I have looked for these at local
>hardward stores including Home Depot, college campus stores, and
>liquor stores that carry homebrew equipment.  I have NOT found
>these anywhere, although I found a rubber stopper with a LARGE
>hole at a homebrew store.  Can anyone suggest where this item
>can be found or a better alternative to the rubber stopper?

My first CO2 generator suffered from leakage around the siliconed
cap so I switched to stoppers. You will find these at a chemical
supply house that also stocks equipment for the amateur. Less
than $1 each. Never had a problem after that. I jammed a one inch
piece of soft airline hose into the hole and then forced a slightly
longer piece of rigid airline pipe inside it for a nice tight fit
and a place to connect the outgoing CO2 line.

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