Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #28

>I am not convinced that the caulk is a good idea for the longterm.
>I have seen several diagrams which recommended using a either
>a rubber stopper as seen in a chemistry lab for chemical bottles
>or a drip irrigation tap.  I have looked for these at local
>hardward stores including Home Depot, college campus stores, and
>liquor stores that carry homebrew equipment.  I have NOT found
>these anywhere, although I found a rubber stopper with a LARGE
>hole at a homebrew store.  Can anyone suggest where this item
>can be found or a better alternative to the rubber stopper?

I use a rubber stopper with a length of copper tubing (refrigerator or air
conditioner tubing) inserted through its hole. The airline fits snugly over
the copper tubing. And the stopper grips the copper snugly too. No leaks.
And if I forget to open the gang valve, the bottle blows the stopper out
instead of blowing apart.

The rubber stopper came from a chemical supply store that sells retail.
Find one in your phone book--Yellow Pages. You'll have to show your
driver's license. Bring your bottle along so you can find the snuggest fit.

The stoppers come predrilled or not, one or two holes, etc. If you know
anyone who works in a laboratory, you might be able to get the stopper from
him/her too.

Greg. Tong
San Francisco, CA, USA
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