Re: A gift, sort of ... (fwd)

Yes, I okayed this.  Complaints to me about this will be graciously  
ignored :)


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: booth at lvld_hp.com
Subject: Birthday Surprise

This a special edition of the Aquatic Plants Digest going to all
subscribers EXCEPT for one.

The special subscriber is a Baby Boomer who turns 50 tomorrow, Friday,
June 21.  I think it would be fun if some of the folks who have
corresponded with her or have appreciated her posts would send her
birthday greetings via e-mail.  Of course, this may backfire and she
will find herself inundated with 500 e-mails and get her account
cancelled but it's worth the risk, IMHO.

If you wish to participate, please send birthday greetings to 

     Olga Betts (olga at arts_ubc.ca)  

If you think this is a stupid idea and a waste of bandwidth, please
feel free to express your opinions to booth at lvld_hp.com, but please
don't clutter up the APD with responses.

George at Central Birthday Greetings