Mary Ellen Sweeney recently posted in Discus-L, "I recently received some 
samples of GeoLiquid for review in my "Wish List"column in Cichlid News 
magazine. <snip> I put the recommended dose into a really funky (brown algae 
and slimy) tank with one discus and a handful of other fishes.  <snip>.  A 
few days later, I was stunned.  I walked into the fish room one morning and 
it was like the sun had risen!   That
tank was sparkling!"

Mary, what kind of algae was in the tank?  Since you said brown algae was it 
brownish beard or hard brown on the glass?  Beard algea is a type of red 
algea which is the worst kind for me to eliminate.  If Geo Liquid will get 
rid of that stuff, I'll buy stock in the company!  Does anyone know if Geo 
Liquid eliminates all algae and how long the effects last?  Mary, what were 
your tank parameters before and after the treatment?  I'm curious what the 
long term affects might be on discus.

Rochelle Williams
williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil