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I was going to compleatly redo my SA plant tank making it more "Plant Friendly" so to say as far as the soil and all that goes so I drain out half the water and all that good stuff to pre-pair it for the comming weekend when I was going to move the fish and plants and set it up. But now after looking at it for a while I was thinking of turning it into a bog type enviornment. Anyway on to the questions.

1. Will my existing plant's survive in this type of enviornment?

various Anubian species along with C. Wendi and a broad leaf amazon Sword (I belive that's what it is)

2. I want to add something to my soil called Black Peat Granulate instead of Laterlite (SP.) I asked around the local store and the plant guy said he liked it much better than lat. but said that I should boil it to remove some of the tannis and keep my water from turning as brown. Good or bad idea?

3. Sugestions sugestions sugestions please.

please post or email to me thanks everyone.

yes I do know that I cannot spell this comes from working with JCL, JES2 and VMS all the time.