Dwarf frogs

tmarch at primenet_com (Todd March) wrote:  <<<<Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996
18:04:33 -0700 Subject: Eradicating snails

As far as eradicating snails... Is anyone familiar with dwarf frogs?
Amano raves about them for snail plagues in his book ('"dwarf
shimegaeru"), but my local Japanese supplier, that sells me the
marvelous yamanto-numaebi and bumble bee shrimp, doesn't think this
"dwarf shimegaeru" comes from Japan, as he can't find them.>>>>

Two years ago, when I was not yet totally addicted to this hobby (or
at least I wasn't yet conscious of that), I bought a dwarf african
frog (2" max. lenght) to keep company to Herman, my beloved 0.65$
goldfish. You know, one of these beginner's things. After a few
months my wife called me at work screaming that the frog was trying
to eat the goldfish (about three times her size): she saw him
swimming around quite desperately with the frog biting his tail and
holding onto it. They are quite voracious fast swimmers, and when
for some time (before of this episode) I had her in a community tank
I noticed she was able to locate food very quickly, and to chase
away everybody else.  She has been kept since then quite happily by
her own.
If these are the frogs recommended by Amano, I would suggest to keep
them only with substantially bigger and assertive non-frog-eating
(??) fish , and keep an eye on them.


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