Marty Durkin wrote:
>If I shake the solution, I get lots of bubbles in the tank.  However, if
>the solution just sits there, I don't get any bubbles at all.  The aquarium
>is in the family room in my basement where the room temperature is about
>68 degrees.  I'm not sure why I get the bubbling in the test bucket, but
>not in the aquarium.  Could this be due to the cool temperature of the
>room (i.e. the yeast is not active enough at this temperature).

Sounds to me like you have a leak. (been there, done that) You should get
bubbles irregardless. Fermentation may be slow at your cool temperatures,
but this may be better as often DIY CO2 goes too fast. You can keep your
bottle below the tank albiet you with the slight risk of siphoning water
out of your tank.